“Mind blowing… It’s revolutionary !”

— Jane King    

“Mind blowing… It’s revolutionary !”

— Jane King    

The Best Real Estate ICObuy with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Waves or Fiat !

“Mind blowing… It’s revolutionary !”

— Jane King    

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Nov 15th to 30th

1 PEX = 1 USD

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Prime-Ex Perpetual

A company disrupting the real estate industry

Prime-Ex Perpetual (Prime-Ex) takes control of the real estate process from beginning to end, encompassing the selection, construction, sales, borrower financing, and maintenance of our custom homes.

This enables Prime-Ex to create an environment where participants win every time with a new property being built, sold, and financed within our ecosystem.

Prime-Ex Perpetual will utilize blockchain technology to crowd-fund its operations with the PEX-Token (PEX), and creating both organic and external demand for PEX tokens within the Prime-Ex business model.

Business Model Summary PEX Token Prime Ex Primex Perpetual ICO

Proof of concept

Our proof of concept will occur along the warm beaches and cool highlands of Panama in Central America.

We will provide real estate solutions to North American and European expats. This target market suffers from inherent entry barriers to home financing in Panama, giving Prime-Ex an extreme competitive advantage.

The objective is to build, market, sell, and finance a sizable portion of houses within a two hour geographic location of Panama City to earn a significant ROI.

Our solution streamlines the bureaucracy involved with providing residential lending and implementing novel security options that limit the homeowner’s risk in ways meant to maximize future profit for Prime-Ex Perpetual.

Why Panama?

In the words of the IMF, Panama has had exceptional growth over recent decades. A growth diagnostic exercise suggests that Panama is well placed to maintain this business model. Higher-quality education, stronger governance, and less bureaucracy will further strengthen Panama’s comparative advantage. Additional analysis suggests that investment will continue to support growth, while the logistics and tourism sectors promise to build further on Panama’s comparative advantage.

Read the IMF’s Panama: Selected Issues. You will agree with the Prime-Ex team that Panama is not only one of the strongest economies of the Americas but also is the right spot for our proof of concept.


Roadmap Pex Token Prime-Ex Perpetual Primex ICO
Roadmap Pex Token Prime-Ex Perpetual Primex ICO


PRE-SALE Nov 1st – 8th
ICO Nov 15th – 30th
HOW TO BUY PEX-Tokens are available ONLY at https://ico.prime-ex.com. Your PEX Tokens will be delivered to your WAVES wallet after the end of the ICO.
PAYMENT METHODS Crypto: Bitcoin, Waves, Ether
INITIAL RATE 1 PEX-Token = $1.00 USD
TOTAL SUPPLY 30,000,000 (Thirty Million) PEX-Tokens
PAYOUT STRUCTURE The PEX-Token entitles owners to 80% of the company’s audited net profit, distributed yearly
PRE-SALE Nov 1st – 8th
ICO Nov 15th – 30th

Token Distribution

Token Distribution Pex Token Prime Ex Primex Perpetual Ico

There will be 30,000,000 (Thirty Million) PEX-Tokens consisting of the 25,000,000 Public Release Tokens, 4,000,000 Founder Tokens, 750,000 Pre-lCO Bonus Tokens and 250,000 Bounty Tokens.

ICO Pre-Sale*

Opens November 1, 12 pm Panama Time (UTC-5).

Discount of 20% available only to purchases of 3.5+ Bitcoin, 50+ Ethereum or equivalent. Subscription to the Pre-Sale Whitelist is mandatory.

Pre Sale Bonus PEX Token Prime-Ex Primex Perpetual ICO Pie Chart

For purchases of 35+ Bitcoin, 500+ Ethereum or equivalent contact [email protected] for additional incentives.

PEX-Token Value

The PPT or Price Per Token is locked. 1 PEX-Token = $1.00 USD equivalent paid in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Waves Tokens, USD, Euros, or British Pound.

For those who purchased PEX-Tokens prior to October 30 at 6 pm Panama Time with cryptocurrency, your number of PEX-Tokens purchased will be adjusted on your favor to protect your commitment and eliminate time risk, as follows:

  • 1 Bitcoin = 6096.499469 PEX-Tokens

  • 1 Ethereum = 305.306292 PEX-Tokens

  • 1 Waves = 3.461165 PEX-Tokens

This adjustment follows market values as posted on Coinpayments.net on October 30 at 6 pm Panama Time.

Any bonus or discounts will be applied on top of the adjusted number.

Bounty Program

The pool of PEX-Token for the bounty program will be distributed as follows:

Bounty Program Pex Token Prime Ex Primex Perpetual Ico Pie Chart

Participants of each bounty receive shares according to the corresponding bounty’s rules. The PEX-Tokens for each bounty will be distributed among all participants based on their numbers of shares. Bounty tokens are distributed after the ICO closes to the members’ WAVES wallets.

Prime-EX Team

Ulrich Schwark

Co-Founder | Director
Head of Finance, Design & Construction

John Gilbert

Co-Founder | Director
Head of Concepts, Originations & Philosophy Integration

Theresa Schwark

Head of Sales & Publicity



Legal Advisors

Luis Cordero


Tim Walters


Jonathan Millet


Clinton Senkow


Ian Scarffe