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In the words of the IMF, Panama has had exceptional growth over recent decades. A growth diagnostic exercise suggests that Panama is well placed to maintain this business model. Higher-quality education, stronger governance, and less bureaucracy will further strengthen Panama’s comparative advantage. Additional analysis suggests that investment will continue to support growth, while the logistics and tourism sectors promise to build further on Panama’s comparative advantage.

Read the IMF’s Panama: Selected Issues. You will agree with the Prime-Ex team that Panama is not only one of the strongest economies of the Americas but also is the right spot for our project.


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Weather Now in La Chorrera

80° F
Mostly Cloudy

La Chorrera, Panama, is the fastest growing community in Central America and home to the Prime-Ex Perpetual Investment Home Program! It was home to only 15,000 people 20 short years ago; but today, La Chorrera boasts 260,000 people and the growth is only expected to continue!

Located a short 25 minute drive from Panama City, La Chorrera features modern shopping options, including several new malls. There are many local and international restaurants to choose from. Fine dining, fine shopping, and fine coffee can all be found here!

Locals can choose from seven different schools here for their children. Medical options include a large hospital and several doctor’s offices. Whether you work in Panama City, La Chorrera, or Coronado, La Chorrera is the most convenient place to live by far, featuring far more amenities than Coronado and far less traffic than Panama City.

La Chorrera features a year-around warm, tropical climate. Expect heavy rains here twice a year during the heavy parts of the rainy season.

La Chorrera is known for its many waterfalls. There are several in the area, including the more famous El Chorro de La Chorrera, El Chorro Trinidad, and the El Chorro de Canoa Quebrada waterfalls. Bring your sun screen and your insect repellant if you’re going to check them out!

The incredible growth of La Chorrera shows no signs of slowing down. A brand new, Pacific highway will run through La Chorrera, and the subway metro will feature its final stop here. In just a few years this community will enjoy even easier access into Panama City than it already has, which means that the future is bright for residents and developers alike in this wonderful community.


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If you haven’t made your way to Chiriqui yet, boy are you missing out! How many people in the world have experienced being in the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean in the same day? How many people have witnessed both oceans at the same time from the top a volcano summit? Have you seen scarlet macaws flocking together in the wild? How about toucans, or jaguars, or sloths, or monkeys? Have you ever been to a real indigenous village?

All this and more is readily available in Chiriqui if you’re adventurous… and let’s be honest… if you’re considering purchasing your own house in Panama… you are!

While Panama City offers a modern cityscape and a thriving night life, the countryside has a lot to offer as well, like the salty air of the Caribbean or the Pacific, the cool mountain air of the highlands, lovely lakes, and the pure nature of an idyllic tropical paradise.

The province of Chiriqui is the main countryside destination for investors and expats in Panama, connecting to Panama City through the Enrique Malek International Airport (code DAV). While Chiriqui certainly has something to offer anyone, David, Boquete and Volcan are among the top destinations.


Weather Now in David

0° C

Expats enjoy living in Chiriqui’s capital due to the lower cost of living compared to Panama City. Tranquility and convenience are the perfect complement. You will find supermarkets, shopping stores, and access to a variety of services near you. David trades skyscrapers for the simplicity and serenity the city rarely has.

The Enrique Malek International Airport (code: DAV) makes it a breeze to fly in-and-out. Although small, this airport receives at least 2 daily flights from Panama City.

David enjoys a summer-like weather with temperatures above 80F all year long, and is only 30 minutes away from the Pacific coast.


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Weather Now in Boquete

73° F
Mostly Cloudy

Many expats love Boquete for its warm and breezy weather during the day and its cool temperatures at night. Rarely does the temperature rise above 82F and rarely does it drop below 60F, and that’s year-round!

You will enjoy beautiful panoramic views, hot springs, waterfalls, and a thriving industry of its many coffee producers.

It’s iconic event, the Boquete Flower and Coffee Festival, takes place every January and the gardens remain open until June to welcome everyone who can’t visit in January.

Located only 30 minutes away from the Enrique Malek Internation Airport, you can fly out of most North American hubs and enjoy dinner in Boquete the same day!


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Weather Now in Volcan

64° F
Mostly Cloudy

Home of Volcan Baru, the only volcano in Panama. Although extinct, the panoramic views of the volcano have no rival in Panama.

Tierras Altas (highlands), the district that Volcan heads, has a climate similar to Boquete, and is popular for its rainforests, trails, coffee plantations, flower production, historic site Sitio Barriles, and Volcan Baru National Park.

It’s most popular event, Parada de Las Flores, is celebrated every September with flower parades and contests among local flower producers.

Located only 45 minutes away from the Enrique Malek International Airport, you can fly out of most North American hubs and enjoy dinner in Volcan the same day!


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  • Utility Token Conversion Update As you know, Prime-Ex Perpetual has endeavored to make the switch from a security token to a utility token. We are working very hard toward accomplishing the conversion. As we get closer to that day becoming a reality, we are proud to share with you our revised Whitepaper and Terms and Conditions. Simply scroll to the bottom of the website and you'll find both clickable and accessable. Thanks as always for your support! ×0
  • OFFICIAL LAUNCH OF SELLING HOMES! Hey guys! We are proud to announce the OFFICIAL LAUNCH of our new and updated website! We are now taking orders and deposits for the first homes offered for sale in our proof of concept. We are very excited as we transition to selling homes in our proof of concept market. This is a very big day for us and we encourage you to take a tour of our home model via our 3D Virtual Tour. The 3d Virtual Tour represents a culmination of the tireless work dedicated to the design of a quality, efficient, and luxurious home that will be equally desirable whether in the cool highlands or warm beaches of Panama. We're proud of our design. We're excited to show off our concept, and we welcome the people who will reserve their homes as the first Pioneers of the Real Estate Revolution. Maybe it's you! ×0
  • Dec 20, 2017 | The PEX-Token is now an ERC20 token! This will bring many benefits to our token holders. If you purchased PEX-Tokens, you must open a MyEtherWallet public wallet address and send it to us via email to [email protected] from the same email used in your purchase. Do you have questions? Send us a note to [email protected]. The PEX-Token carries the ticker symbol PEXT and is indexed and searchable on Etherscan. The PEXT unique identifier is 0x55c2a0c171d920843560594de3d6eecc09efc098. If the PEX-Token you are purchasing is not identifiable in this way you are NOT purchasing a PEX-Token associated with Prime-Ex Perpetual! ×0

“Mind blowing… It’s revolutionary !”

— Jane King    

Prime-Ex Perpetual crowdfunded its operations with the PEX-Token (PEXT), an Ethereum-based token.

More than 14 Million PEXT were distributed after our succesful ICO in Novemeber 2017.

We incentivize the use of PEXT through a mortgage rate discount to our home buyers in the Prime-Ex Perpetual Real Estate Ecosystem.

Be part of the revolution! Buy PEXT today from an authorized exchange.


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Yobit Exchange BTC ETH PEX Token Prime Ex Primex Perpetual ICO Logo




What is a PEX-Token?

The PEXT unique identifier is 0x55c2a0c171d920843560594de3d6eecc09efc098. If the PEX-Token you purchase does NOT carry this ID you are NOT purchasing PEXT associated with Prime-Ex Perpetual!

Our Company


Ulrich Schwark

Co-Founder | Director
Head of Finance, Design & Construction


John Gilbert

Co-Founder | Director
Head of Concepts, Originations & Philosophy Integration


Theresa Schwark

Head of Sales & Publicity

Business Model Summary PEX Token Prime Ex Primex Perpetual ICO

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We’re a company created to disrupt the real estate industry by re-thinking and providing a new solution to the way in which homebuilding, home selling, and borrower financing are approached.

How? taking control of the real estate process from beginning to end, including the selection, construction, sales, borrower financing, and maintenance of our custom homes.

This enables Prime-Ex to achieve efficiencies in scope and scale, resulting in higher profits that will be shared with PEXT token holders.

We will also provide better buyer financing arrangements and deliver a more positive borrowing experience to the residential buyer, minimizing collection inefficiencies such as cumbersome collection costs, and drawn out legal disputes.

Our business model is also set up to encourage organic PEXT demand by providing favorable borrower financing terms to those who make their mortgage payments in PEX tokens rather than fiat currency via a mortgage rate discount.


Review our whitepaper to learn more about our company, business model, proof of concept, or team.

Terms & Conditions

Review the official Terms & Conditions to learn more about PEX-Tokens, PEX-Token holders, and their association with Prime-Ex S.A.